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More bang for the buck for investors


More investors are needed to meet the ever growing demand

Orbit capital offers a better returns on venture capital ,angel investors and any other investors who is willing to be part of this ever growing business.We are privileged to have the trust of our loyal customers whom we value so much.Lending business requires heavy capital investments and we can’t meet the customer demands without inputs from other partners.Investors can either benefit by earning monthly interests of 3% of their investments or get dividends from business profits every end of the year.I believe it is better owning 10% of £100m than 100% of nothing.Come let’s do honest business together.

Customers who are seeking faster and convenience small loans for emergency,school fees,medical/hospital bills,purchasing basic households and doing small repairs are our main focus.
Our major challenge is inadequate capital that can meet the growing demand of affordable short term loans. We highly welcome any passionate investor who wants to be part of Orbit Capital. Their valuable support will help. This will help reach out to many customers,recruit more experts/staff and expand the business further. We are focused on transforming the lives of customers by improving their standards of living by offering them these fast,convenient and affordable loans. Our aim is to make some profits through interest charged on loans. We are determined to transform the lives of our customers by disbursing timely, fast and convenient loans. We are taking little steps day by day that will culminate into a bigger,reliable, caring and transforming banking institution in future. We are located in Nairobi, Kenya. The cosmopolitan town & capital city of The Republic of Kenya with a population of more than 5 million people as per 2019 censors report.

Most small business people find it difficult and inconveniencing to access faster financial support from commercial banks. This is because of bureaucracy and many documents needed before being assisted. Many small business people are left frustrated,stranded and end up giving up and abandoning their businesses that could transform their lives and that of their families.It is because of these challenges that we decided to try solve these challenges together with others who feel touched to support individuals and small business people in Kenya and beyond.