About Us

Orbit Capital is micro-finance company based in Nairobi city County, Kenya. It was started formally and legally in September,2021 but it was in existence informally since 2019.The intention is to offer short term loans to specified customers who are largely bankers and other employees but based on stringent application terms and conditions. The company plays an important role in solving out the financial constraints of banking staffs , permanently employed staffs in the private sectors, small business people, who need fast and convenient loans for their emergency and short-term needs at an affordable cost. The company through its various application methods like official email application (work email), SMS application and manual loan application make it easy for people especially those who may need quick loans but may have traveled up country for different engagements but need loans for their personal, medical or business use. 

Most entrepreneurs use personal savings and loans from family or friends to start their businesses. However, even these combined funds may not be enough to start the business. Sometimes it’s just a small amount that can bridge the gap. Entrepreneurs needing more capital look for additional sources of funding. Many lending institutions such as traditional banks require qualifications that new entrepreneurs do not yet have. For example, many banks want to see that a business has been successful for three years, that the applicant has a high credit score or positive credit history, and that there are enough valuable assets (personal collateral or assets in the business) to cover the loan in the event the business fails. As a result, entrepreneurs just starting out often do not qualify for loans at traditional banks. Microfinance has emerged to fill this need for small loans to new entrepreneurs.

What We Offer

The company offers Emergency loans and short-term loans. Emergency loans range from Ksh 10,000-50,000 with a period of 1 day to 30 days repayment period; interest rate is 15%-25%  per month but also based on credit history and repayment ability. Short term loans have a period of 1 day to 5 months and the interest rate is calculated based on customer’s documents and risk analysis. The amount here varies from Ksh.50,000-500,000 based on customer’s credit history and loan repayment ability. These loans require collateral like postdated cheque leaves, guarantor and intensive scrutiny of the application documents and financial statements.
The company has played major role in transforming lives of our customers who through its affordable, convenient, fast, effective and affordable loans. The loans help our customers to pay school fees, meet their personal needs, pay medical bills, buy assets and even service won tenders at an affordable rate without much worries. With enough resources and better structures, the company intends to reach out to its fast growing and quality customers by increasing the loan limits and availing more loans for new customers. Orbit Capital is a golden goose that will help many bankers and other customers realize and actualize their dreams and transform their lives.


Our Vision

Our vision at Orbit Capital is to build a reliable partnership with individuals, small businesses and corporate clients in Kenya and beyond.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide professional, reliable and trusted microloan services that will help individuals, small businesses, corporate organization, and non-profit organizations to reach their desired goals.

Core Values

We are guided by core values which we hold dear and are exhibited through service delivery

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